Are you a woman who relates to this story?

If you’re over 50, 60, 70… you undoubtedly experienced a lot in your life. You found love, you lost love, you most likely married and according to the statistics there is over 50% chance you went through a divorce (I did).

And, again according to the statistics, you gave birth to 2.5 children and raised them while having a career or a business. (I went above average and raised 4 children while running a business).

You experienced severe stress and looked for ways to feel relaxed, happy and joyful.

You’ve had successes and failures, chances are you gained some weight, lost it and gained it again… I am sure you conquered a few diseases along the way and much, much more.

You are a Hero!

And now… the Hero (you) is faced with another BIG challenge: AGING   

Lines and wrinkles, thinning hair, age spots, sore feet, stubborn extra pounds, low energy, aches and pains, negative self talk, feeling depressed, not being understood, fuzzy thinking, anxiety, feeling guilt or regrets, feeling frustrated and alone, sometimes afraid, etc. Afraid of age related diseases and other demons that can come with age.  

Hi, I’m Christi and I totally understand because your story is my story.  I too went through all of it: Marriage, divorce, children, careers, stress, disease, accomplishments, gains, losses, adventures, disappointments, etc.

The Paradigm Shift

Anti-aging innovators and activists are encouraging us to think about aging in a fundamentally different way. They cultivate the idea that our day to day choices will determine the results that we obtain in securing - or losing - our vitality, health and beauty.

They recognize that an anti-aging lifestyle, different beliefs and daily actions will bring about the success we desire. The new paradigm inspires and empowers women to take charge of their life.

That’s not a small task, defying aging and staying healthy can feel overwhelming. But you realize that if you don’t start defying aging now, you’ll become more prone to its effect on how you look and how you feel.

Imagine you don’t have to do this alone!

You might want the support and inspiration from a guide and from other like-minded women.

Let’s be real, there are many enemies if you want to defy aging, such as social pressure, years of age conditioning, public opinion of how you should behave at your age etc. Even your friends might not agree with the way you dress.

My goal is to bring you the most critical anti-aging strategies and to break them down in bite size pieces so it’s not overwhelming to you. It’s never too late to take small but steady steps towards vibrant health and a more youthful appearance.  You don't have to make one BIG change, instead, it's about simple, incremental changes that will lead to big results.

Doing any of my Anti-Aging Programs, you will:

·      have more energy

·      have less pounds (if necessary)

·      have improved skin tone

·      sharpen up your thinking

·      know how to exercise for anti-aging

·      have improved stamina

·      experience a shift in mindset towards your age

·      be optimistic about the future

·      believe in yourself and be more confident

Defy Aging Now

If defying aging, getting healthier or losing weight is anywhere on your horizon, you really owe it to yourself to learn this new system. If you don’t, chances are that time continues to impact your body and mind towards steady decline. Living an anti-aging lifestyle and taking care of yourself is an investment that will pay off in the short and in the long run.

Test out my approach to anti-aging in a free 30-minute discovery session. We’ll chat about your specific situation and I’ll give you one powerful change that you can make to start your anti-aging journey immediately.

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Anti- Aging

for women

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anti-aging make over

6-Week Program

How to Look and Feel your best with “The 4 Pillars of the Anti-Aging Lifestyle”

6 private sessions

6 video lessons

Action items with every lesson



Anti-aging make over

12-Week Program

Set back the clock and become Ageless!

12 Private Sessions

12 video lessons

Action items with every lesson


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Who is this program for?

For women

  1. who want to defy aging

  2. who want a complete transformation

  3. who want to be part of a new generation of women who don’t succumb to aging

  4. who feel a late calling in life - knowing that they need to be healthy to meet their life's ambitions

  5. who want to lose a few extra pounds

  6. who know the power of support and accountability

If any of those is YOU, we need to talk.

Let’s chat in a free 30-minute discovery call.

During the call, it’s my aim to help you with a particular challenge you’re having right now. So even if you don’t decide to sign up for the program, you’ll walk away with your first step on your anti-aging journey.