Women make their voices heard in this Amazon Best Seller

I am thrilled to have shared my story in collaboration with 30 inspiring women representing Voices of the 21st Century. And completely bowled over by the fact that it has become an Amazon Best Seller.

Amazon Best Selling Author - Christi Christiaens

The book is a collection of powerful female voices rising up to educate, guide, and inspire. You can purchase the book here.

My chapter is entitled, Journey to a Bright Future, where I talk about the over-consumption of sugar in our society and how I broke my sugar addiction and started a journey to a brighter future.

My story also affirms that our genes do not have to be our destiny. We may be predisposed to hereditary diseases such as diabetes and obesity, but they do not have to be inevitable.

Watch this video where I talk about my story and encourage you to become the CEO of your body!