I’ve overindulged. Now what?

Overindulgence and The Saboteur when trying to lose weight

It’s holiday season for many of us, and although this is a wonderful time of year for many reasons, it’s not without its challenges.

The holidays can be a stressful time, and with the abundance of treats, decadent food and a calendar packed full of parties – we are so much more likely to stress eat and overindulge at this time of year.


  • Are you looking back on Thanksgiving weekend with some regret at having overindulged?

  • Do you feel like you’ve derailed from your commitment to be healthier, so you might as well just eat what you want for the holidays and “try again next year”?

  • Have you resigned yourself to the fact that you’re just going to pick up a few pounds during this holiday season?

If these are the kinds of thoughts going through your head, then I’d like to share some news with you:

These are not your thoughts. They are the thoughts of someone I call The Saboteur.

The Saboteur operates in the dark – it doesn’t want you to know it’s there – instead, it wants you to think that you’ve come up with all of these negative thoughts.

One of the most important things I do with my clients is to shine a light on The Saboteur’s intention so that they can be prepared for its attacks.

The idea of The Saboteur is not to shift blame or to absolve yourself of any responsibility for your own actions.

But (and this is key), The Saboteur is not YOU!

So, you have the power to silence the messages of The Saboteur and replace them with your own affirming messages that will empower you to keep moving forward, even after a setback.

The reason I have introduced you to The Saboteur in this post about overindulgence is because The Saboteur’s voice becomes VERY LOUD after you’ve made a mistake, overindulged, or otherwise veered from the plans you’ve made for yourself.

The trick is to recognize the voice of The Saboteur and quickly replace it with a message that shows you are in control. Here are two examples:

The Saboteur: You derailed from your plan, so now you might as well just eat that whole pasta dish.

You: No way, I am unstoppable. After making a mistake, I forgive myself and I keep moving forward.

The Saboteur: It’s the holidays – you don’t have time to prepare food – just get take-out.

You: No, I am in charge. I make time for what is important to me.

I believe 100% that you can have a fun, happy holiday season without putting on weight, feeling bloated, or feeling completely stressed out.

And one of the strategies you can use to make that happen is to silence The Saboteur.

In my upcoming Holiday Survival Challenge, I’ll be going into more detail about The Saboteur and how you can silence its voice and replace it with affirming messages that show YOU are in control.

So, while The Saboteur will definitely be un-invited from any of my holiday celebrations, you are warmly invited to join my free 5-Day Holiday Survival Challenge, starting December 3.

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