Why "dieting" hasn't worked for you and never will

Why dieting hasn't worked for you and never will

According to a study at Colorado State University, more than 50 million Americans go on a diet each year but only 4 to 5% manage to keep their weight off - that means there are around 48 million people who gaining their weight back, and left disappointed in a “diet”.

American women try an average of seven diets in their lifetime. These diets promise you the body you always wanted and… FAST!

But shakes, powders, pills and strict meal plans don’t work in the long run. And it’s not a matter of willpower! There is no science backing up the latest fad diets.

Here’s why dieting hasn’t worked for you - and never will.

All calories are not alike

Most dieters are counting calories! That can be very misleading because calorie counting isn’t the whole picture. All calories are not alike!

The question is: Where do the calories come from? Is a calorie from an apple the same as a calorie from a donut? What do you think?

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Dieting sets you up for struggle

The restrictive, negative thinking of the diet mentality sets you up for struggle and guarantees failure in the long run.

Dieting causes cravings

Yes, dieting also causes cravings. Your body is starving at the deepest level and for your protection, you get the message to eat more.

When you eat more, you store it as fat to prepare you for the next famine.

Dieting doesn’t go to the root cause of being overweight

The root cause of being overweight is long-term bad eating habits.

And it’s going to take a lot more than a quick-fix diet to change years of bad eating habits.

Instead, the solution involves eating nutritious and healthy foods that satisfy you, help you to lose weight permanently, and give you extra energy.

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