Personal Training with Christi

  • Would you like to get more exercise, but the thought of going to an overcrowded gym just doesn’t appeal to you?

  • Would you like a personalized exercise program that accommodates your fitness goals and strengthens weak areas you might have?

  • Would you like to have some actual fun while exercising?

Well, if you live in the Scottsdale or Phoenix areas of Arizona, then I can help you with all of these requirements with my in-home personal training service.

I will come to your home and guide you through a customized workout for health and/or weight loss. And you can get your first session for free.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and have been training women for over 35 years. I specialize in women’s fitness needs, focussing on trouble areas, such as underarms, thighs and hips.

When you train with me, you’ll be doing effective exercises, while having fun at the same time!

I’d love to offer you a complementary session so that you can see if this type of training is for you.

Eileen, ready for her in-home personal training session with Christi Christiaens
Christi has been coming to my home to take me through workouts for some time now.
She’s good at customizing my workouts to fit me. That has helped me progress more quickly in achieving my fitness goals.
It’s also a lot more fun than working out in a gym. And we can arrange things like equipment, music, household temperature - just as we like them!
Given all of that, I would recommend to other women, without hesitation, that they have Christi come and do in-home training for them.
— Eileen M., Carefree AZ

Still have questions about in-home personal training? Here are some answers.

Do I need a home gym, or any special equipment?

No, not at all. We just need a space where you can move - and it could be inside or outside your house.

What if I have an injury or condition?

As long as your doctor or medical practitioner has cleared you to exercise, I will be able to help you. In fact, many of my clients come to me because their doctor has advised them to exercise to aid the healing process and for overall good health.

If you have any conditions such as back, knee, or neck problems, I have the expertise and the knowledge to make adjustments to the exercise.

Which areas do you travel to?

I will travel anywhere within the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas of Arizona.

If I sign up for a free session, will I be pressurized to sign up for additional sessions?

No, there is no obligation attached to the free session. The idea is to see if this format of exercise class works for you. If you decide it’s not your style, there’ll be no hard feelings. So there’s really nothing to lose by just giving it a try.

But aren’t I too old for exercise…?

No. In fact, after a few sessions, you may just find that you’re feeling a whole lot younger. I will adjust the exercises to your capability, no matter what your age is.

In fact, just look at what is possible in the picture below.

Christi Christiaens Places First in the Natural Physique Contest

Fit and fabulous!

Here you can see me, together with other women in the “over 60” category at the Natural Physique Contest, showing that being in good shape has no number of years on it!

So go on, book a free session and give it a try.